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About Quality Valve, Inc.

Quality Valve Inc. is an independent sales company located in Mobile, Alabama USA and opened for business in 1994 to sell OEM parts in the valve repair industry.

We specialize in providing OEM relief valve replacement parts to ONLY valve repair companies and factory service centers all over the world. In fact, we take a great deal of pride in dealing directly with repair companies and out of respect to those relationships, we do not sell to exporters or end users. We do not set and test relief valves – we do parts. If it’s a new valve you need, please contact your local distributor.

All of our sales team members came from the valve repair industry, and have attended factory schools for relief valve repair and maintenance. They know valves, and that means they will understand how to help you, and how to get the right parts you need to you – and fast. We think we have assembled some of the most knowledgeable and helpful people in the industry and we put them at your disposal.

For questions or product estimates, call us at (800) 267-6873 or fax to (800) 267-6886.